Project Innovations


Project Innovations Pte Ltd operates as an independent consultancy providing project management services covering all stages of a construction project from inception through construction to completion.

We provide the overall planning, control and coordination processes to meet the Client's requirements in order that the project will be completed on time within budget and to the required quality standards. With our in-house expertise, we are able to effectively value add to the Consultants' design, assist in conducting value management and risk management workshops for the project and our team of expertise in Quality Control ensures that the Projects are completed to international and local standards without compromise in the local statutory requirements pertaining to Work Site Safety and Health.

Good project management is always needed in all projects. With  our considerable levels of experience and expertise gained over many years in the financial and contract management of projects, we are in a unique position to fulfil the client's expectations. We do not believe in standard solutions, nor in a standard service, but to work with clients to establish a brief that integrates with their requirements and meets their needs for each particular project.

Our role as the management solution provider acting on behalf of and representing the client, is to provide a holistic and independent project management service correlating, integrating and managing different disciplines and expertise to achieve a totally functional facility satisfying the client's requirements.


who we are


Project Innovations' whole suite of services offered: 

  • Development and Project Management
  • Employer Representative Agent
  • Project Review
  • Risk Analysis
  • Value Engineering and Management
  • Design/Cost and Construction
  • Quality Management
  • Place Management

what we do



  • Identify? objectives
  • Conduct site appraisals
  • Prepare viability studies
  • Draft total project programme


  • Establish the Client's priorities
  • Prepare the Clients brief
  • Shortlist, review and appoint consultants


  • Devise precontract strategy
  • Establish procurement strategy
  • Coordinate pursuit of planning permission and other statutory consents


  • Update project control document
  • Formulate, review and develop the detailed design programme
  • Initiate value analaysis exercises


  • Review adequacy of proposed tender information
  • Establish post-contract procedure manual
  • Conduct tender evaluation / award


  • Review programme control throughout
  • Think ahead, pre-empt problems
  • Monitor consultants' quality control procedures
  • Plan and oversee handover procedures
  • Coordinate any post-contract works
  • Arrange settlement of final accounts and related contract issues


  • Arrange move-in
  • Organise user training as required
  • Consolidate arrangements for maintenance and facilities management

what we offer

  • Project Review & Feasibility
  • Client Representative
  • Value Engineering & Cost Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Facilities Management

how we work

  • To act as the clients representative and ensure that the client's needs remain uppermost in the initiatives of its entire project team.
  • To demonstrate and instill in others a commitment to the project.
  • To understand, define, implement the Client's objectives.
  • To focus upon project objectives and maintain a correct and clear understanding of the scope of works, and each team member's contribution at all stages.
  • To create and maintain the balanced construction team appointed under a coordinated arrangement.
  • To apply value management techniques to isolate unneccessary cost and increase project value.
  • To establish and manage a programmed format for the designers and construction team to work within at all times.
  • To promote in all team members, including the Client, the need for complete involvement with the works - not just on the drawing board, but also on site.
  • To recognize that project management does not end with the completion of the work on site but the services go beyond migration and operational kick-start.


    • Designated as Future School, Ministry of Education 2007
      Beacon Primary School
    • Certificate of Merit in Best Buildable Design Awards 2005
      NTUC Centre, Singapore
    • Merit Award for Creative and Innovations use of Steel
      Singapore Sports School
    • Phillip Architectural Lighting Award
      Singapore Sports School

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer